What Makes Craft Cocktails So Good?

At MCC we believe in quality. Quality ingredients and time tested honest recipes. That’s how we continually produce the best ready-made craft cocktails available – using a simple process that produces incredible results. unspecified

Craft cocktails are characterized by a focus on ingredients, flavor and overseeing the cocktail process from start to finish. We source the finest, freshest, all natural ingredients and never add artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives. Organic blood orange and tangerine juices from Sicily combine with organic Florida grapefruit juice in our Blood Orange Mimosa. Once a fruit flavor profile was created we turned to sourcing quality organic alcohol. MCC takes pride in knowing each of our local distillers and suppliers by name – ensuring we use only the finest American craft spirits available.

Bottled and produced in America, each small batch is tastedunspecified-1 and tested to make sure the cocktails are perfect before we put our name on them and send them out to the consumer. The key is finding the balance between flavor, acidity, sweetness and finish. Each and every cocktail comes with an individual vintners batch number, so you can be confident it has our seal of approval. By using only the best ingredients, no two batches of our cocktails are exactly the same. Each crop of ingredients brings its own uniqueness; flavors vary slightly from harvest to harvest. That’s why it is important for us to create our cocktails in small batches, delicately mixing ingredients and sampling until we meet and exceed our highest standards of quality and, most importantly, exceptional taste.

Quality ingredients, combined in small batches not only make for better cocktails but superior taste. One taste and you’ll know the difference.