Transform Your Cocktail With Simple Garnishes

Are you hosting people at your place this weekend? Just because the occasion isn’t fancy, or your crowd doesn’t need impressing doesn’t mean your hosting responsibilities go out the door. We already know you have cocktails on your list, because if you made your way over to this blog, adult beverages are of the upmost importance to you. So we’re here to talk about some quick and easy ways to spruce up the beverages you’ll be serving, and make your get together instantly more classy.

Garnishes are a quick, easy, creative way to add a little something special to your craft cocktail. Even if you’re in a bind, or strapped for time, you can come up with a variety of colorful garnishes with things you already have in your kitchen. For example, spear a slice of lime and some mint leaves with a toothpick, and add a few pomegranate seeds or raspberries for a bright pop of color!


If you’ll be serving cocktails made with a more hearty alcohol, like Bourbon, go for citrus garnishes. Throw an orange peel and fresh sage leaves in the glass for the perfect finishing touch. Blueberry, basil, and a lemon twist create a nice, light balance in any whisky drink.


Those are only a few examples! There’s really no limits when it comes to creating custom garnishes, have fun and get creative with it. We wish we could stay and give you a few more ideas, but it’s Happy Hour in Miami and we’re already running late!