We Travel the World for Quality


Miami Cocktail map-01At Miami Cocktail Company, we relentlessly search for the best ingredients to go into our craft cocktails. When creating our Organic Blood Orange Mimosa and Organic Tropical Sangria, we only use the finest and freshest all natural ingredients, and we travel wherever we have to in order to find them!

Though all of our cocktails are proudly crafted in America, our team has spanned the globe in search of the perfect ingredients to ensure our cocktails are of the highest possible quality. When we aren’t on a journey abroad, we’re working with local purveyors to source ingredients from our neighbors right here at home.


Our team has traveled country to country in search of the perfect oranges to serve as the foundation for our Organic Blood Orange Mimosa. Our journey for quality brought us to southern Italy, a region renowned for its fresh citrus. Known as “Arancia Rossa di Sicilia,” this hand-harvested blend of Tarocco, Sanguinello, and Moro varietal Blood Oranges, along with Sicilian tangerines, combine to create a deliciously tart citrus expression. Add organic Florida grapefruit and premium sparkling wine from organically harvested California grapes, and you’ve got our signature Miami Cocktail Company creation.

IMG_2684-640x426The organic craft red wine that goes into our Tropical Sangria comes all the way from southern Spain. Locally known as “Zurra,” sangria embodies a taste that is truly unique. We have used the flavorful fruits of Spain as our inspiration, bringing home the exotic flavors we’ve discovered to share them with our customers. Organic craft red wine paired with the real juices of tropical fruits likepineapple,orange, mango, papaya, and lime create the amazing explosion of flavor in our small batch Sangria.

Creating natural, organic, and authentic cocktails is no easy task. At Miami Cocktail Company, we believe that top-of-the-line taste comes from quality ingredients, not additives, preservatives, or any of the fake stuff. That’s why we produce in small batches, allowing us to properly, diligently test our cocktails, ensuring they exceed standards and expectations alike.

It’s simple, great cocktails come from great ingredients. Taste the difference quality makes with our craft cocktails today.