Serving Miami Cocktail Company Beverages: Best Practices

When it comes to serving cocktails at your dinner party, special event, or even to class up your Chinese takeout in your living room, there’s a few things to consider that can have an effect on the way the cocktail actually tastes. We all know the most important aspect of cocktails in general is enjoying them, but before you get to that, check out our handy tips to help ensure you’re serving your boozy beverages the right way.

Let’s start with our Tropical Sangria.

  • We recommend serving our sangria chilled, with a few ice cubes thrown in for good measure.
  • Feel free to add your own concoction of fresh fruits for a personalized cocktail experience.
  • While we think a wine glass is best for sangria, tossing a bunch of ice and fruit into a traditional wine glass with a long stem is asking for a countertop covered in wasted wine. That being said, you can serve sangria in just about any kind of glass, from a wine glass, to a hurricane glass, or event a simple cup.
  • Want to get creative with your cocktail, but seriously lacking perfectly portioned cubes of fresh fruit? Garnish is your answer! Throw an orange rind on the lip of the glass, and your guests with think you spent hours reading Miami Cocktail Company blogs on how to serve our cocktails (but don’t worry, your secret is safe with us).


Now on to our Blood Orange Mimosa.

  • Although it’s best enjoyed chilled, we don’t recommend adding ice to you mimosa. Ice and bubbles go about as well together as chocolate and fried rice (feel free to email us if that is some well-known delectable combination that we are completely in the dark about).
  • We think mimosas taste best being sipped out of a champagne flute. These skinny, tall glasses look really fancy, so opt for the plastic versions for a casual backyard bbq.
  • Just in case you happen to be serving both of our delicious, organic, small-batch, ready-to-serve cocktails at your get-together, go ahead and use that left over orange rind, or the rind of any fruit, for your mimosas as well!


That’s it! The beautiful thing about Miami Cocktail Company beverages is that the bartender is in the bottle. We do all the work for you, and we do it really well, so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy!