Miami Cocktail Company Creations Make the Perfect Gift

As this blog title very blatantlyunspecifiedy suggests, our Blood Orange Mimosa and Tropical Sangria make a great gift to celebrate every occasion. If you’re that person who is always stuck in a gifting rut, we’re here to help you out. Here’s a list 30 people (over 21) in your life who would love to receive a bottle of our famous small-batch organics! Remember, it’s never polite to show up empty-handed!


  1. Your kid’s teacher
  2. Your coworker
  3. Your boss
  4. Your mail person
  5. Your pool person
  6. Your lawn person
  7. Your dog groomer
  8. Your doctor
  9. Your nail tech
  10. Your hairstylist
  11. Your neighbor
  12. Your bus driver
  13. Your nanny
  14. Your housekeeper
  15. Your personal trainer
  16. Your client
  17. Your accountant
  18. Your tutor
  19. Your friends getting married
  20. Your friend celebrating a birthday
  21. Your friend celebrating a pregnancy (not the pregnant friend in the couple)
  22. Your Secret Santa
  23. Your crush
  24. Your receptionist
  25. Your masseuse
  26. Your long-lost cousin
  27. Your assistant
  28. Your babysitter
  29. Your dentist
  30. Your kid’s coach