Make the Office Holiday Party Fun Again

Let’s face it, whether you work in an office full of best friends or share cubicle space with your arch nemesis, you’re inevitably going to have to give up a few hours of your holiday season attending an office party. So if you’re sick and tired of the same old punch bowls and pigs-in-a-blanket, we suggest you take the party planning committee by the reigns and make the office holiday party fun again.unspecifiedLet’s start with the essentials: booze. Ditch the run of the mill cocktails and opt for something more creative. We were thinking Miami Cocktail Company creations. Serve it with the hors de oeuvres, present a bottle to your boss, or gift one to your secret Santa (yes, even if you pick the weirdo from accounting).

Next, get a game in the wounspecified-1rks! Christmas movie trivia, White Elephant gifting, or just good old Cards Against Humanity, getting the group together and interacting is the most important part.

Finally, set the scene with décor! Here in Miami, it feels much more like summer than winter. Get in the holiday spirit with small touches like mistletoe and hanging stockings. You can’t go wrong with a photo booth filled with elf hats and Santa beards.


Most importantly, celebrate the holidays responsibly with Miami Cocktail Company, good friends, and a jolly disposition. Cheers!