Low Calorie Cocktails, High Quality Ingredients

People have become more health conscious these days and lower calorie products have extended to all sorts of foods and drinks. Many traditional cocktails and alcoholic drinks are known to be laden with sugar and artificial ingredients  but the products we offer at Miami Cocktail are very different.

We set out on a goal to offer bottled low calorie cocktails that not only taste great but are made with a small amount of natural, organic and high quality ingredients.  We are excited to state that we have reached that goal with our line of Small Batch Organics and South Beach Originals low calorie cocktails.

Convenient and Healthy Cocktails

While using the word healthy to describe a drink containing alcohol may make a few people uneasy, our line of cocktails are much healthier than alternatives on the market. If you look at the ingredients (if you can even find them listed) on many other bottled cocktails and cocktail mixes, you’ll find a bunch of words you can’t pronounce with a high sugar and calorie content. In the past, healthy cocktails were an oxymoron and you had to accept the fact that your mixed drink is a belly bomber.

Our low calorie and healthy cocktails only contain organic ingredients with no additives and preservatives. For example, take a look at the ingredients of our South Beach Classic Mojito. There are only three simple ingredients that make up this great tasting bottled mojito: organic lime, pure mint leaves, and premium craft rum. We like to keep it simple with our healthy cocktails and the result is great tasting and convenient drinks that you can feel good about enjoying.

While we respect the great bartenders of the world and the art of drink mixing, our low calorie cocktails are a great choice. You can store our  cocktails in the fridge and grab one whenever you fancy. You’ll get a handcrafted, quality made, perfectly mixed drink every single time and you don’t have to worry about measuring and mixing ingredients.

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