It’s All in the Name


Being from Miami, we know a thing ( or 305 ) about entertaining, and we certainly know a few things about craft cocktails. With inspiration all around us, we incorporate our hometown into each and every bottle we produce. From the classic hotels that span across our famous beaches, to our vibrant Latin influences, and our eclectic origins in the Wynwood Arts District, you’re sure to taste the Miami flavor in our craft cocktails.

Miami’s all abounspecifiedut keeping it real. Authenticity will get you far, and that’s our driving force behind providing our customers with the ultimate handcrafted cocktail experience. In recent years, Miami has seen a surge in the craft cocktail bar. From the beach to Brickell, hot spots dedicated to the mixologist and their creations have popped up by the dozens. We pride ourselves on bringing you the bartender in a bottle, the same quality cocktail you would get from Miami’s premium craft cocktail bars now ready to serve right from your fridge.

Combine this convenience with our favorite local flavors including mango, papayas, Florida grapefruits, and oranges and you get something unique.


We’re currently in the process of developing our Wynwood Originals cocktail series. This exceptional curated cocktails experience will use only the finest organic ingredients combined with our favorite local craft spirits. Stay tuned for more information on our Wynwood Originals release, we can’t wait to share a sip of our neighborhood with you.

One visit to Miami and you’ll never experience another place like it. One taste of a Miami Cocktail Company creation, and you’ll know the difference. Get a taste of our hometown, purchase a bottle of our small-batch cocktails today.