Very, in fact both our Small Batch Organics and our low calorie Wynwood Originals line are proudly 100% natural. We contain no additives or preservatives, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and all of our cocktails are both gluten and sodium free. We proudly average 5-6 ingredients per cocktail compared to up to 20 (half of which we cannot pronounce) in many of our “competitors”. All of our natural flavors are recognized TTB natural. We believe in 100% transparency and honest ingredients. We use beet juice within our Pink Lemonade and Blood Orange Mimosa for just a little added color, last time we checked that’s pretty natural. “FD&C Yellow #6” has no place in a cocktail.
Yes. In fact all of our cocktails are lower in calories than the typical alternatives. People are tired of overly sweet and syrupy cocktails. Light and refreshing is what people want today. Compared to other cocktail offerings in the marketplace, our Small Batch Organics line averages 15-20% less calories, while our calorie reduced Wynwood Originals line averages 30-50% less calories. Our South Beach line at 10.5% alcohol per volume, and averaging 40% less sugar added, accounts for about 80 calories per standard cocktail serving. More importantly we do so naturally, with no artificial sweeteners. Natural, light and refreshing.
It’s amazing what quality ingredients can do.

Small Batch Organics – almost all of our sweetness comes from the naturally occurring sugars found within the organic wine and juices. More than anything we contain no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners. We only add a touch of raw organic cane sugar when needed. No need to over sweeten. Simple, 100% natural, light, and refreshing.

Wynwood Originals – “Naturally Light” comes with 10.5% alcohol per volume, 40% less sugar than your typical cocktail (and the calories that come with it) and most importantly being 100% natural. We attain our sweetness by the use of high-quality pure and natural ingredients with just a touch of organic raw unprocessed cane sugar. Quality, old fashioned natural ingredients work. Simple, 100% natural, light and refreshing.

Before wine can be sold as organic, both the growing of the grapes and the wine making methods must be certified. This includes making sure grapes are grown without synthetic fertilizers and in a manner that protects the environment and preserves the soil. And, while all of the wines you commonly enjoy state “contains sulfites”, in order to protect its quality, organic wine limits the amount contained. While wine naturally produces some sulfites they can’t be added to organic wine. When a wine is labeled as being made with organic grapes, 100% of those grapes used must be certified organic. The grapes, the vineyards, harvesting techniques, and winemaking methods all must be certified organic. Finally, sulfites may be added to wines that carry the “made with organic grapes” label—but not exceeding 100 parts per million.
Each and every cocktail from our Small Batch Organics line comes with its own individual vintners batch number. While we work hard to make sure the taste of all of our cocktails remains consistent, no two batches are the same. Each has its own unique personality. Each organic harvest of grapes and hand selected fruits bring their very own uniqueness that we work with to meet and exceed our highest standards of quality and of course most importantly exceptional taste.
ALL of our cocktails contain real juice. Our Tropical Sangria contains real organic juices of pineapple, mango, papa and citrus. Our Blood Orange Mimosa contains real organic blood orange and tangerine juices from Sicily as well as some local organic grapefruit juice. Quality ingredients not only make for better cocktails but ultimately provide superior taste.
Mexico’s famous agave wine, “Pulque”, made from 100% organic blue agave pinas, is often cited as the original “tequila”. This legendary agave wine has a tremendous history and is a source of great pride within Mexico. We are happy to have discovered it and share it with you.
We proudly use high-quality premium craft distilled spirits, distilled to the highest standards, and premium organic wine harvested from organic grapes (see more information below). We make real cocktails made with traditional premium top-shelf spirits – thus a true mojito has quality rum
– not some malt-based alternative. Authenticity matters.
We proudly use only the finest American craft spirits available and take pride in knowing each of our local distillers and suppliers by name. Knowing how a product is made and the people who make it – makes a difference.
Yes. please refrigerate and enjoy within 3-4 days of opening. Our Wynwood Originals line has a 12-month shelf life, whereas our Small Batch Organics line has an 8-month shelf life with its additional fresh juice content. Bottles should be stored within a cool climate and out of direct sunlight exposure. Note, our product does not go “bad” in the 8-12 months but there is some color fade and a slight weakening of the flavors. We do not believe in additives and preservatives. Alcohol is an amazing preservative on its own, no need for anything else.
Yes, the natural contents will certainly settle. Simply lightly roll the bottle to let the ingredients mix evenly throughout. Avoid shaking, especially our Blood Orange Mimosa that is lightly carbonated. A subtle roll or two of the bottle will mix everything to perfection.