Enjoying the Fruits of Winter

At Miami Cocktail Co we are all about using quality ingredients to create our ready-to-drink craft cocktails. 15541268_1473143862712961_8742164572216593910_nOne way to get the best flavor? Use ingredients that are in season.

When most people think winter flavors what comes to mind are squash, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, cranberries and pears. But did you know that peak citrus season is actually in the winter? The blood oranges and grapefruits for our mimosas, and the oranges and limes that give a tang to our Tropical Sangria are all at the height of flavor. Since our cocktails are made with 100 percent organic ingredients, picking the fruit in their peak season makes for better flavor and therefore better cocktails.

While the Blood Orange Mimosa and Tropical Sangria are delicious served straight from the bottle, for special occasions it’s fun to dress up your punch bowl with seasonal fruits. In the winter that means cutting clementines and limes, floating cranberries, and maybe even chopping up some pears.