Bottled Cocktails, Ready to Serve

A revolution has begun in the world of cocktails and Miami Cocktail is one of the first to bring bottled cocktails with quality ingredients that are ready to serve. Convenience is something that all people enjoy but sometimes quality takes a back seat when convenience is prioritized. Our bottled and ready to serve cocktails are not only convenient, they also taste great and are much healthier than other brands.

You can find an abundance of cocktail mixes, pre mixed cocktails, and other bottled cocktails on the market, but how many of them can honestly say that they are free of additives? We offer a variety of bottled cocktails that contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors and they are also lower in calories than your run of the mill bottled cocktails.

Our bottled cocktails are perfect for those events and gatherings when you want to enjoy something a little different from beer and wine without having to spend time on mixing a drink. Whether you at home and just want to enjoy a nice cold cocktail or want to bring something to a party that’s convenient, our bottled cocktails are the perfect choice. As a matter of fact, our bottles will fit right in next to the beer in any cooler!

Bottled Cocktails With The Right Ingredients

Our Small Batch Organics and our South Beach Originals line of bottled cocktails only contain organic and natural ingredients. No matter what kind of cocktail you prefer, we’re sure you’ll enjoy some of our favorites including: Blood Orange Mimosa, Classic Mojito, Copperpot Margarita, and Pina Colada.

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